As a professional tango dancer, it is very important the quality, fit and comfort of the shoes I teach in. From the moment I put them on,Yaisuri’s shoes feel practically broken in! Their construction and design are excellent, and I highly recommend them.
— SIDNEYGRANT, 2011 USA Salon Tango Champion. Founder/Artistic Director of Ballroom Basix.
Yaisuri is awesome to work with. She fitted my difficult to fit feet in minutes and helped me customize a pair of shoes that I would have not look at. It came out gorgeous and fits amazing! Can’t wait to get more!
— Annie Liu Braley
Yaisuri is a dream to work with. I just got a new custom pair, and it’s heaven on my feet, especially since we discovered that one foot is a 10 regular and the other is a 9 wide. She’s very fast at responding, and she’s thorough in figuring out how to make your ideal pair of tango shoes. I can’t wait for my next pair. Thank you!
— Danielle Hutton
The most stunning, comfortable, and sexy tango shoes! It was such a pleasure to deal with Yaisuri. She was so knowledgeable and made picking out my shoes so simple and fun. Can’t wait to get another pair!!
Support this wonderful woman and her thriving business - you’ll dance with joy :)
— Natalie Zadrozna
I have purchased custom Tango shoes elsewhere. This was a much more personal experience. She guided me towards a beautiful, sexy pair with lots of padding. I’ve worn them for 2 Milongas. NO adjustment period, no blisters or pain. Just lovely.(I would love to add a photo. Not figuring out how)
— Anne-Marie Steinmetz

I am not a shoe lover in the slightest, but I *LOVE* these shoes and can’t stop petting them! Will have to buy a brush and another pair to wear outside. Every time I slip into them my cats come right over to sniff and investigate— the genuine Italian leather is feline-certified TM. First thing my boyfriend said when he saw them on my feet was, “Do they make shoes for men too?” (Yes they do.)

Feeling as if I can take on the world with these supporting me all the way! Bye-Bye Barefoot Tanguera, Hello Bad*ss Brujita— a pair of too-small-too-tall shoes made me stop dancing, and now Yaisuri’s perfect-fit-from-sole-to-heel-to-toe custom shoes will get me back out on the floor! YAY! :D —
— Cherise Tricia Fung @TSQ Cabeceo
Yaisuri is so kind and helpful with choice of shoe shape as well as options for materials and colours. Also, she will keep a record and pay attention to any comments you may make about your shoes, and these will be taken into account when the next pair you order is being it only gets better! I love my latest shoes I will post a pic soon!
— Mireille Caruana
loved these shoes ! They are really pretty and Very comfortable. Im from buenos aires , so I can tell ;)
— Mara Parra
A pleasure start to finish. I adore my shoes, and the fit is perfection.
— Christine Hausmann
Yaisuri has been great to work with. Very knowledgeable and has great designs. I have narrow medium feet with very narrow heels which makes it hard to find properly fitting shoes, never mind dance shoes. Yaisuri has been able to help me find the right fit based on the different designs and was even kind enough to take back a pair that didn’t work and have a new pair made for me. I am loving my shoes from her so much (great craftsmanship and balance, not to mention gorgeous material and beautiful designs) that I’m going to get them made as street shoes too!
— Annie B.