The Sole

  1. Neolite is a smooth, bright synthetic rubber. It offers a lot of grips, but you can still dance to it. This type of sole is perfect for a vegan person looking for non-animal source shoes. This sole is not rigid but is not super flexible either. It comes in beige and black colors.

  2. Suede is a piece of leather from hides of the cow. It offers superb flexibility that makes the shoe mold faster to your feet. You can dance on almost any type of floor except for pavement. Suede has a hairy surface that allows you to have the perfect combination of grip and slip. When losing the grip, you can brush its hair in the opposite direction to stick more to the floor. Depending on how many times you wear them, you will need at some point to re-sole them because they wear out faster than leather or neolite soles. It naturally comes in beige and black color. However, it can be painted by request.

  3. CR2 is the same leather sole but the reverse side. This side is rather rough. It is useful for having a better grip on the floor while having the benefits of the leather sole like stability and durability. All the soles can be brushed, and this one is not the exception. It only comes in a natural color.

  4. The leather sole is a rigid material from hides of the cow. It offers excellent stability and is very durable. It is more rigid and more slippery than neolite, CR2 and suede. It is also perfect for everyday use shoes because you can step on any floor with it. It only comes in a natural color.


Besides selecting the type of sole you want, you can also decorate the middle outsole of the shoes with any material and color. This extra feature will not only differentiate your shoes and make them more stylish when you do your Boleos and Ganchos, but it will also make them more flexible.