Be aware that due to the brain’s way to process light, the images on the screen might look different from device to device and from the real ones. Also, the same type of leather is not always 100% identical. Slight color, pattern and texture differences can occur because only a certain number of hides can be processed together. The more natural leather is, the more the differences can occur.

Last updated October 12th, 2018


From beautiful landscapes to extraordinary gems, we are often finding inspirational, new and exciting colors and textures to our selection. This collection is made in limited quantities, therefore, is subject to availability.


Patent Leather is a top grade of fine grain leather characterized by a glossy finish that catches the light giving a wet appearance. It is waterproof and very durable. It is a thick-hard leather while still retaining a flexible texture.


A full grain leather features a firm texture that only gets better with ages. Produce in small batches with the best hides which allow original markings on the skin to remain visible. It can have a rugged or smooth finish. It can also be heavy, or light, glazed or matte finish. Skin marks or variations in leather grain show the real character of the leather.


It is shiny snakeskin-pattern leather and one of the softest and most flexible leathers. Its glossy look is perfect to show off in the most sophisticated and elegant events.


Suede is a finish as opposed to a distinct variety of leather. It is a hairy material with a super soft feel. Even though is a delicate material is as water-resistant as any other type of leather when properly maintained. 


It is a smooth, glossy fabric made of silk, cotton, and wool. Perfect when wanting to have a very elegant and sexy look. While shoes made with satin are rather delicate you can always spray them with a waterproofing and use baby wipes to get rid of the stains. 


Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread. Perfect when looking for a way to add a little sex appeal to your wardrobe.


It is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric. It is used mostly for sneakers due to its capacity to let the feet breathe while protecting them. Very soft and flexible!


Lamé is a shimmering material that is created by combining metallic fibers and natural or synthetic fibers into a woven or knit fabric. The high gloss finish makes it a very striking material that catches the smallest lights and gives an amazing  sense of movement to your feet. Excerpted from: While shoes made with lame need special care, the shiny material does not come off quickly. 


It is a cloth type with different textures. It is a delicate and light weight material with special patterns to accommodate your unique look.