Tango Dos

Photo by Manzo Foong

Photo by Manzo Foong

Tango Dos active students, please receive 10% off in our online store by using code TAKE10OFF at checkout. It will be valid for purchases over $200. Please note, this is valid online and in person at NYC showroom in the Garment District in Manhattan subject to the designer's availability.

We specialize in custom made orders for men and women. Our shoes can be made from single to triple padding for a more cushioned surface. You can adjust your heel height from 0.5 in to 3.5 in. Our materials are leathers with the highest standards from Italy. We also have the different type of soles for different needs as suede, leather or rubber. Our shoes can also adjust to the flexibility of your feet from super flexibles to a more hard surface. Read more at https://www.newyorktangoshoes.com/the-shoes/

Yaisuri Salamanca, the designer, is a world tango champion and travels the world along with her partner, John Hernan Raigosa. Both have conquered both sides of the ocean while working to bring you the most exquisite collection every two seasons in a year. To explore the exclusive designs made based on their years of practice and experience in Tango teaching and performing, visit https://www.newyorktangoshoes.com/home/

Make your appointment today, if you are in New York to meet the designer, or contact her for more information and personal advice. Book now at https://www.newyorktangoshoes.com/appointments