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Yaisuri Salamanca, and John Hernan Raigosa third place in the world tango championship in Argentina, 2008.
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Yaisuri Salamanca, and John Hernan Raigosa
Photo by Gabriel Faccio

Yaisuri Salamanca has dedicated her life to dance. She is unique in that she applies rigorous technique in such varied dances as salsa and tango. This rare quality led her to become the Colombian Style Champion at the 2005 World Salsa Championship in Puerto Rico. Yaisuri then proceeded to win place 3rd in 2008 and 5th place in 2017 at the Tango World Cup Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She just returned from Buenos Aires where she placed 5th at the semifinal in the 2018 world cup. One can safely say that Salamanca is the master of bringing art forms, and she does so with amazing strength yet delicate grace with her collection.

After many years of performances, instruction and practice, Salamanca became aware of the importance of having the most correct dance shoes. Many beginners and even advanced dancers have difficulty finding both elegance and comfort in a pair of dance shoes. There is a contradiction in the typical pair of shoes for dancing: the stylish shoes are not practical for many hours of training and the comfortable shoes just don’t shine on the dance or performance floor. 

She focused on stylish-functional designs which combine beauty, comfort and stability. In the year 2000, this new exciting yet practical line of shoes was brought to us by Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes.

Yaisuri Salamanca, the designer, a world tango champion, travels the world along with her partner, John Hernan Raigosa. Both have conquered both sides of the ocean while working to bring you the most exquisite collection every two seasons in a year. Explore the exclusive designs made based on their years of practice and experience in Tango teaching, and performing.

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