Women Heel types

Our main heels are:  pencil, stiletto and copa.

  • Ref. 345 heel

If you are looking for a stylish, curvy but thicker heel than the stiletto, then you should order this one.

  • Metallic Heel

These are our main metallic colors:


  • practice HEEL

The Heights

How to Measure the Heel

Other brands measure the heel from the highest point to the heel tap. Measuring the heel in that way we would find that our highest heel would be 4 in equal to 10.5 cm instead of 3.5 in.




  • Cuban heel flamenco Type is 1.7 in or 4.2cm
  • Classic cuban heel is 1.5 in or 3.5 cm
  • French heel is 1.5 in or 3.5 cm
  • Bajito heel is 1 in or 2.6 cm
  • The classic heel is 1.3 in or 3.3 cm

These measurements include the heel cap. Its height can differ in few millimeters depending on the caliber of the heel sole.