about the shoes

 Photo by Kyle Asher & Tango Voyage

Photo by Kyle Asher & Tango Voyage

100% HAND MADE each shoe is a masterpiece designed by Yaisuri Salamanca and made by expert artisans who also love and dance Argentine Tango. Salamanca Tango Shoes are Hand-Made in South America with imported materials from Italy.


The Industrial Revolution brought massive production of shoes. Today, there are few places where you can find artisanal shoes made with traditional habits.

Salamanca HandMade Tango Shoes are manually made one by one to each client. We not only preserved this tradition but evolved in quality and functionality of the products with unique designs.


We specialized in custom made orders. You can personalize your shoes by selecting heel height, color and style, materials, colors, sole type, and more.

To ensure the most accurate fit, your size will be determined by measuring your feet's width and length. When necessary, we will take extra measurements and even ask for a video and pictures of your feet to ensure a perfect pair of shoes even from the first order.

Our shoes can be made for any occasion as well as for the different type of dancings as Flamenco, Salsa, Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom. 


Salamanca is the master of bringing art forms, and she does with her collections available in stock and ready to ship immediately.  She focused on stylish-functional designs which combine beauty, comfort and stability.  


Our clients are professionals and amateurs dancers, as well as non-dancer clientele looking for comfort and style.


Stability:  Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes feature an exclusive heel reinforcement and positioning that give you superb stability.

Flexibility: Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes uses suede sole for her majority of tango shoes for men and women to guarantee the comfort and flexibility of your shoes. This feature will allow you to execute the most complex moves with grace and precision. 

Lightweight: Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes' structure is light. The light shoe is important because the lighter the shoe is, the less energy the dancer must expend during the performance.

Versatile: Different type of dancers require different performance characteristics. Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes are designed from her expertise as a professional and social dancer, and teacher. The Custom Made option is available to meet the exact specifications of each dancer.

Cushioning: Salamanca designs shoes with double and even triple comfort which helps reduce painful pressure points on the ball of your feet.  The soft, yet resilient, cushioned core is designed to provide padding throughout the life of the shoes. As a result, the dancer protects the body against fatigue and stress.

Durable: Durability is important because dancers need their shoes to last. Salamanca Custom HandMade Tango Shoes import the highest quality and unique materials from Italy, full-grain leather. Salamanca HandMade Tango Shoes uses also vegan materials when requested.

We are the shoes that make you dance better!